Tuesday, 27 September 2011

death pressup presents...

a night of live music taking place at the lovely Betsey Trotwood venue on Friday 14th October. 
Hosted by Tiia aka keyboardist/ synth player of the band Comet Sands who also happen to be playing on the same night 
and also also feature in the series of photos below...

Yep! I finally managed to finish my edit of images from the shoot i did with Comet Sands well ages ago.
I still remember the day, it was an early summers morning. 
Despite not discussing clothing choices, all members were well coordinated
 Jack turned up wearing a long borrowed suit which originally belonged to Alex.
The initial mood was groggy with everyone either ill or hungover, one special person i'm quite convinced was still drunk. 
But once inside the wonderful Rebecca's Flat it was all good.

Comet Sands: (from left to right)

Jack - Guitars/ Synths/ Lungs
Alex - Bass/ Growls
Tiia - Synth/ Melody
Richie - Kick/ Snare

Along with Comet Sands, two other bands will be playing on the night. They are:
Something Beginning With L, (they played on my birthday, they are great) 

Death Pressup Presents... Betsey Trotwood October 14th

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

if i made you a mixtape it would be this one

a letter from the Postmaster who i believed was long dead but as the above proves is clearly alive and kicking...

Grant Michell xo

Thursday, 15 September 2011

nino paulito @ thames festival

The schedule of summer events staged along the Southbank this year have been quite impressive. I pretty much live by the river now so was able to see everything it had to offer. There was the bizarre Alien meets Teletubbies opera that was Planet Lem, Performance Art wankery with Gandini'sLa Boite Noir theatre, the phenomal talents of Circolombia and also the opportunity to indulge my inner magpie at The Vintage Festival.

The Thames Festival took place last weekend and marked the end of the Southbank's summer activities. Hosted by Mayor Boris, it was weekend of free events, workshops, food & craft stalls, live music and dance which stretched along a good length of the river. The grand finale included a night carnival procession followed by a riverside firworks show.
I went, it was alrite. Loved the craft trail and food stalls but majority was a bit crap selling the kind of crassly designed, faux ethnic bollocks you'd find being sold by some dreadlock, bone ear piercing tosser by Camden Market. I bumped into my nice Etsy UK chum by the tea n cake stand who gave me bunch of free stuff including postcards and special tea towel above. I also found a horn on the floor and honked it. A lot.

Nino Paulito

Thursday, 1 September 2011

O's + X's

I received a quite unexpected message this week which sent jolts through the spine, inspiring delight in my soul. I've felt an unknown something brewing for a while now and think this may be a sign whatever it is, it's starting to form.

This all probably sounds like vague wankery, (not surprising, I do have a degree in Fine Art after all), but intuition and perception have proven to be reliable indicators for me in past experience. Pretty much all I've seen and done in the last year is proof of that. Those same strong signals are once again present, making their bleeps and blips radiantly clear.

Things may be about to get very interesting in Nino land...