Sunday, 11 May 2014

Doe Hunter

Since last year's Post Master inspired Badly Animated project, I've increasingly become interested in
experimenting with animation and the moving image. Doe Hunter is the latest Team Nino effort created
with regular collaborator Melissa Choong. 

Building on the ideas explored in our previous animation attempt 'A Horses', (still a work in progress)
Doe Hunter similarly combines paper crafts, illustration and photography to create this animated series. 

The project was inspired by a slightly menacing Playmobil toy set found during a recent trip to Glasgow.
Lego may have the more popular appeal but I find the often awkward and peculiar designs found in
Playmobil figures a lot more appealing. Take Pirate Man for example. Don't you think that monkey logo
is just adorable?

Mel and I have recently finished working on another collaborative piece for an upcoming
exhibition happening at the end of this month. More updates on that one soon...

Nino Paulito