Sunday, 21 May 2017

Sarah & Duck's Big Top Birthday

What am I looking at? 
It's the Sarah and Duck live stage show.

Isn't that a baby program? 
So what? It was Nino's birthday last week and Sarah and Duck is what we wanted to see.

Fair enough. Was it any good? 
It took some effort to tune out the screaming babies and sticky faced toddlers but despite that we had a lot of fun. The puppets were amazing and the show featured a great range of the cast including our faves Moon and the Ribbon Sisters.

Anything else? 
For those who have never seen Sarah and Duck we recommend starting with the Cake Bake episode which introduces the Andy Kaufman-esque Cake character. The start is pretty anodyne pre school stuff then about half way in takes a dramatic turn into the surreal. It's a pretty good introduction to way things generally work in Sarah and Duck world.

Great. Thanks. Bye. 

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Jazzing Socks

 What am I looking at? 

 What are you doing? 

 Why are you doing this? 

Just received our first pair of subscription socks from Henry J Socks.

 Fantastic. Why do you have a monthly sock subscription? 

Great. Thanks. Bye. 

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

na zdrowie!

Nino Paulito would like to congratulate the newly married couple Seamus & Ola. We wish you many great years of friendship and happiness!