Saturday, 23 February 2013

alt. fractals

nabbed a great book on alt. fractals during my recent trip to Brighton

from what i understand, fractals are geometric patterns which are designed using mathmatical formulas but are also organically
formed in nature, (watch this informative video introduction of an old man hilariously building the triforce). the booklet contains
over 200 diagrams which illustrate the construction of basic fractals and their numerous variants. examples can be seen below.
i've been looking for this book for a while and was lucky to find one at such a great price, (i.e free!). it'll be very useful in
helping with the next set of work i plan to produce, which follows on from this sci fi inspired collage i created some time ago.
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Saturday, 16 February 2013

peek-a-boo, i love you

who received a Valentine's Day card this year? i did! this one. also salveged these charming 1950's treasures from the
market. their diddy size, adorable illustrations and twee catchphrases made them too sweet to leave behind.

there was also another i spotted and foolishly left behind. it depicted a cowboy beaver whirling his lasso with the added
caption, 'i'm looking for a partner'. i only slowly realise now the slightly creepy grabbing connotions it implies. cute.

Nino Paulito

Thursday, 7 February 2013

nino paulito on tumblr

after the flourish at the end of last year, Nino Paulito has been disappointingly quiet project wise lately. i've kept myself busy in the meantime though by creating sets of experimental photographs, using both in camera techniques and a flatbed scanner. inspiration comes from the many things of interest i've spotted during my rambling escapades. i hope something will click to inspire a new project or maybe just become useful to incorporate into future work. the results so far have been collated on the Nino Paulito tumblr page, posted alongside the obligatory GIF, a few tunes and some links to animated videos found online. take a moment to view and follow us on...

Friday, 1 February 2013


would've probably made more sense to post this photo last month but only just remembered it. i was browsing through a comic book/zine thing some time last year and unearthed it from a box of odds and ends. it's companion piece to the 'March' image used on the nino paulito website but i only found these two from what i imagine was series of twelve. the quaint folksy children's costumes makes me recall the kidult characters of Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom, which was recently released on DVD. 
i recommend watching, it's excellent.

Nino Paulito