Tuesday, 31 December 2013

End of Year Dump, 2013

End of Year Dump, 2013

Posts I forgot to post because they were late, half baked, half arsed or initially enthusiastic pursuits which waned under laboriousness. As a special final word of the year treat I present them all here now, consider them Nino Paulito 2013 bonus tracks  You can thank me later x

I Did Some Drawings...
Below are some preliminary sketches for a proposed comic book/ zine series. I actually worked on this all year but the project got lost under the weight of other things (ie, lost job, homelessness, new job, new house, girl(s) issues...). I think this will still might happen next year though, we'll see... 

GOAT Live : Run To Your Mama
I saw GOAT in concert and it was the best thing ever! A dizzying musical spectacle of animistic expression and chaotic vigour. More electryfying than a Benny Hinn eccleasiastic trip.

They Speak Like Pirates
In November I took a trip down to Devon. It was quaint and hilly. I ate scones. Did not encounter any sheeps :(

 Christmas Happened!?
I had a semi massive party at my house but my hands were too occupied holding wine and I forgot to take any photos. Here are some before pics though of our tree and fireplace.

Your Invitation
Back in August I created some cards for my lil sisters birthday party. They were dark and freaky.

My Magnificant [sp] Teaspoon
In November we held a memorial exhibition for our dear friends Zsi & Joe who died unexpectedly in an unfortunate accident. It was a fitting tribute and marked the end of an overall tumultuous and emotional year.

Roll on 2014.
Peace. Love. Disco

Lord Nino Paulito

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Mr Benn at Christmas -- MR PORTER

Classic British animation icon Mr Benn appears in a new video specially made for menswear fashion e-tailer Mr Porter. In this episode, Mr Benn has the dilemma of choosing a suitable outfit for the office Christmas party. Uninspired by the usual outfits on display, the shop keeper instructs him to use the Mr Porter app on his smart phone to help him select some stylish garms. Mr Benn decides on a velvet Burberry blazer matched with Lanvin bow-tie and a pair of patent monk strap shoes, (along with his signature bowler hat, of course).

The episode was created at King Rollo Film Studios where Nino cohort Melissa Choong is based,
who was also involved in producing the animations artwork. Watch the full video above.

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