Friday, 26 April 2013

Adventure Time Monopoly

Friday night is game night. This Friday we'll be playing some Adventure Time Monopoly!

For those who don't know, Adventure Time is the current craze cartoon which follows best friends Finn the human and Jake the magical dog on
their madcap ventures in the land of Ooo. During their travels, the duo aid and encounter a number of friends and other peculiar characters including
the princess kidnapping Ice King, Korean speaking Lady Rainicorn, walking talking smart phone BMO and the socially inept LSP, (Lumpy Space Princess).

Packed with surreal humor and borderline perverse dialogue, Adventure Time, (along with similarly 80's spoofing Regular Show),
is the new Sponge Bob for preteens reared on Tumblr and kidults with a penchant for 8-bit soundscapes and nostalgia for Nintendo 64.

This special edition Monopoly set features properties based on locations from the cartoon series, unique game pieces, character printed bank notes,
(see more here), and some additional Adventure Time themed rules which adds an extra wonderful dimension to the greatly beloved board game. 

Nino Paulito

Monday, 22 April 2013

kitty crown

i bought some new jewels from Lazy Oaf. they have a new Spring/ Summer collection out. view it here.

Nino Paulito

Thursday, 18 April 2013

nino loves: Rei Kawakubo

i recently bought this coffee table sized book on Rei Kawakubo, the designer and founder of fashion label Comme Des Garcons. it chronicles her work from
2012 through to 1992, using snippets of interviews and archived articles from ID Magazine, photographs along with quotes from the designer herself. 

Rei Kawakubo was a great inspiration for me when i was a fresh faced student with aspirations of becoming a textile designer. i found her fractured, abstract
and somewhat ugly cuts and textures immediately appealing. what i found most fascinating was how her style with it's underlying raw and confrontational
edge, could also be strangely alluring. this 'awakening' lead me to become increasingly interested and concerned in the study of aesthetics, not just in textiles
but with art and design in general.

i have since college remained a massive fan of Kawakubo's work and philosophy, which has also lead me to discover other similarly conceptual designers
including Issey Miyake and Yohji Yammomoto. as well as see their continuing influence on contemporaries such as other nino favourites  Viktor & Rolf
Hussein Chalayan and Alexander McQueen. i recommend this beautifully printed book as an introduction to all fans interested in Comme des Garcon's
history beyond the lame pun.

Nino Paulito

Thursday, 4 April 2013

rusty cocoa nut

last weekend the Southbank Centre's outdoor food square hosted the 2013 London Chocolate Festival. On show was an array of stalls displaying the finest
sweet and savoury chocolate dishes and cocktails. being a natural glutton for chocolate, Nino Paulito was there to sample and enjoy all the event had to offer.

favourite stall at the festival was one selling blocks of chocolate shaped like D.I.Y tools and we were most excited by this nut & bolt set. each component was
cast with functioning threads so it was possible to fully interlock and screw them together. team Nino took a moment to enjoy the novelty with these photos 
before unashamedly wolfing it's rich deliciousness down.

Nino Paulito