Monday, 20 October 2014

Celesta Mixtape

It's almost winter, for me the most anticipated time of the year. I find it a great excuse for indulging in
reclusive behavior which mostly involves staying indoors listening to my favourite records. I tend to
favour more gloomily introspective styles of music which sometimes require more of a coolly atmospheric
backdrop to be fully appreciated. Some songs just don't sound right in the sunshine.

To prepare myself for the upcoming winter months, I've compiled the Celesta Mixtape to soundtrack
the seasonal transition. You can listen to the full mix here on the Nino Paulito Soundcloud page.

The accompanying artwork above is the latest entry from my ongoing Badly Animated series and was
inspired by the recent lunar eclipse. Unfortunately, this rare phenomenon was not visible over here in
London skies but I did appreciate some of spectacular photographs posted online

Nino Paulito