Wednesday, 31 December 2014


What a grim year it's been for Nino Paulito.
There were a few memorable highlights...

but overall,
2014 was a miserable one.
I wont give it too much attention.
I'll draw a line through the middle,
toss it on the fire
and imagine it didn't happen.

Don't be shit.
Please, don't be shit.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Celesta Mixtape

It's almost winter, for me the most anticipated time of the year. I find it a great excuse for indulging in
reclusive behavior which mostly involves staying indoors listening to my favourite records. I tend to
favour more gloomily introspective styles of music which sometimes require more of a coolly atmospheric
backdrop to be fully appreciated. Some songs just don't sound right in the sunshine.

To prepare myself for the upcoming winter months, I've compiled the Celesta Mixtape to soundtrack
the seasonal transition. You can listen to the full mix here on the Nino Paulito Soundcloud page.

The accompanying artwork above is the latest entry from my ongoing Badly Animated series and was
inspired by the recent lunar eclipse. Unfortunately, this rare phenomenon was not visible over here in
London skies but I did appreciate some of spectacular photographs posted online

Nino Paulito

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Badly Animated II: 곰 (Korean Bears)

'Badly Animate This Please' was a task set for me earlier this year by currently M.I.A pen friend, HelloBentleg.
For this task I was asked to animate the story of Goldilocks & The Three Bears using the original Penguin book
as a reference. The results can be seen here. I found this project very enjoyable so I have decided to continue
developing this idea into a larger series of work.

Badly Animated II will reinterpret the work of dutch author Dick Bruna, who is most well known for creating
the Miffy children's character. I recently found a bunch of his books in a local charity shop which are translated
in to Korean. I plan to alter a selection of the original illustrations to make a set of new experimental animation.
The first of those images can be seen above, (the moving version is currently being processed).

You can keep up to date with the progress of the Badly Animated series and all other Nino related projects by
visiting and following the Nino Paulito Tumblr page.

Nino Paulito

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Unfathomable Ruination

Unfathomable Ruination are an 'Unrelenting Brutal Death Metal Band' from London.
To promote their latest release, Idosyncratic Chaos, they staged a series of mini gigs
outside of the Gherkin Tower contained within a sealed 6x6 foot steel box. The premise:
to play until all their oxygen runs out.

Nino Paulito was there to witness this promising mixture of daring feat and Performance Art.

Once sealed inside the conspicuous cube, the band continued to roar and pummel away
with frenetic enthusiasm. Their cacophonous clamour could no longer be heard but muffled
screams and the thundering reverberations of their ongoing exercise could be felt by pressing
a hand or ear against the cold metallic surface of the box.

After 20 or so minutes of relative calm, the casket door burst open and the crowd were
reacquainted with the vocalists belching grunts. The band are visibly flustered by their
temporary isolation but this hasn't dampened any of the intensity from the performance.
There's a triumphant bark at the end of the current song which signals the end of the show.

Clap. The end.

Overall, I enjoyed the spectacle this project created. I liked the choice of location which
was a funny contrast to the unhinged nature of the music. The experience of exploring the
performance in this invitingly tactile and sensory way was also a very interesting way of
encouraging interaction. This was my favourite part and I thought the most inventive.

I wasn't impressed so much by the band though who I thought were a bit underwhelming and
generic. Better performers with a more distinct style could have elevated this work to another
level. I could imagine a group like SUNN O)))) really amplifying the tension as their haunting
and deeply cavernous sound has the genuine ability to create a truly affecting atmosphere.

Most people weren't bothered though so I guess Unfathomable Ruination did alright.

Nino Paulito

Thursday, 31 July 2014

London Lifestyle Lounge

London Lifestyle Lounge is an East End boutique run by popular East London face Jarelle Francis, which specializes in selling
classic streetwear. His careful selection of clothing includes items and brands strongly associated with musical subculture
 of the 90's, especially rave and UK Garage, (ie signature overprint Moschino and Versace).

The store is very much a reflection of the owner's signature style; in fact many of the items on rails are from Jarelle's very
own wardrobe. They can be identified by the personalized labels hidden inside which share a knowing quip or words of
 inspiration. The store also has a lounge and drinks fridge at the back so customers are invited to sit back, relax and ask for
 advise before purchasing items. Or talk football. During the FIFA World Cup especially there were a multitude of visitors
 who came in to watch some of the midday games. Neat little touches like this is something I really enjoy about this place
 and what makes it stand out from becoming another 'generic vintage clothing shop on Brick Lane'. Here, I feel a genuine
 sense of welcome and community atmosphere.

Alongside the classic fashions, London Lifestyle Lounge aims to showcase the work of new up and coming designers.
 Surf inspired Hot Thunder was the first of these brands launched back in March, followed by 4 new brands being
 showcased for the festival season. Amongst those brands was accessories designer Tallulah Minxy who Nino Paulito
 recently collaborated with for a look book feature, (more news on that later). Nino was also invited to submit a series
 of images to compliment the items on show and my reworked version of my Lucha Libre portraits can currently be viewed
 inside the store.

London Lifestyle Lounge's mid season sale starts today and they are kicking it of with midsummer launch party.
 All are welcome so get yourself down to 54 Hanbury Street, E1 5JL tonight from 6pm for some free drinks, tunes
 and bargain wicked man garms.

 Nino Paulito

Monday, 14 July 2014

Show Something Else

Show Something Else was an exhibition created by Diana Stainton and Dave Smith back in June.
It was held as part of the 2014 E17 Art Trail and featured an eclectic mix of contemporary artists,
illustrators, photographers, designers, makers and sculptors. All work was displayed inside the cosy
interior of their Walthamstow home.

Nino Paulito was also invited to submit a piece for the show and recruited trusty sidekick
Melissa Choong to create the collaborative piece, Troll.

Troll is a sculpture/ costume/ textile invention subconsciously inspired by the (then) imminent arrival of new
Godzilla movie, but is also a celebration of for B Movies and Power Rangers. Hidden in the details are references
to Super Heroes including Spiderman, Lone Ranger and Wonder Woman. It also contains scraps of African fabric
which was used for my dear friend Nathatlie Bikoro's bridesmaid dresses 2 years ago, (HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!).

Melissa created a Mini Troll doll using the remaining bits of tweed and children's clothes. It also has a weighted
bottom which allows it to sit upright unassisted.

There were 15 artists displaying work in total and some of Nino's featured favourites included Pygmy Cloud's
paper sculpted bear treehouse, Hatch's pointillist hatchworks and the playfully formalist inspired photographs

Overall, the Show Something else exhibition was a great success which received positive attendance, coverage,
and attention. Tean Nino enjoyed participating and would love to be involved again next year. We have big plans
for this project and hope to expand it in the future to create a full scale installation and interactive show.
Watch this space...

Nino Paulito

Monday, 7 July 2014

Girl Hair

This week I begin work on a new Nino Paulito project currently titled 'Girl Hair'.

For this fashion inspired project I will be creating a series of photographic portraits of girls with vibrantly coloured and styled hair. All involved are strangers I've met online or interested individuals who have responded to this advert. Part of the fun for me will be meeting up with people I've never met and know nothing about to create a completely improvised series of photos within a limited time frame. I did a previous project some years ago which had a similar premise and created some stunning results. I hope to build on that success this time and will be sure to keep you up to date with my progress.

Nino Paulito

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Futurismo Ancestral: An Offering to Peru

Futurismo Ancestral was a recent exhibition at Somerset House celebrating Peruvian and Andean folklore and tradition.
The installation was created by A(by)P in collaboration with graffiti artist Sixe Paredes who reinterprets traditional craft
techniques with a contemporary twist to create an overall mesmerizing display of South American aesthetics.

The show compiles a mixture of expansive work including hanging tapestries, eerily alert woven balaclavas, curiously shaped
ceramics and skeletal totems; all tied together using a fluorescent palette of shocking pink, acid yellow, lime green and
vermillion. This overwhelming colour scheme gave all the items displayed a teasingly tactile quality which made it really
hard for me to resist the urge to stroke, grab or rub myself against everything. 

Interlaced with the graphic dots and zigzags dominating the surface of every item were dangling tufts of knots and wooden beads.
This lead me to imagine these items in motion, chiming and jingling whilst being used in some ritualistic dance or masquerade.
I'm often told some of the more immersive Nino Paulito projects inspire a similar reaction and it felt pleasantly refreshing to now
be on the receiving end of that experience myself.

I loved the Futurismo Ancestral show, so much I actually visited three times during it's criminally short 6 day residence.
Each time I went I'd discover another detail hidden within it's articulate construction. Sixe Paredes did a fantastic job of
enlivening the basement area of Somerset House and I was especially impressed in the way he successfully used the space
to add an extra layer of mystic and wonder to it's already atmospheric architecture. I've become an instant fan and will eagerly
look forward to whatever projects both Sixe Paredes and A(by)P are involved in the future.

Nino Paulito

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Doe Hunter

Since last year's Post Master inspired Badly Animated project, I've increasingly become interested in
experimenting with animation and the moving image. Doe Hunter is the latest Team Nino effort created
with regular collaborator Melissa Choong. 

Building on the ideas explored in our previous animation attempt 'A Horses', (still a work in progress)
Doe Hunter similarly combines paper crafts, illustration and photography to create this animated series. 

The project was inspired by a slightly menacing Playmobil toy set found during a recent trip to Glasgow.
Lego may have the more popular appeal but I find the often awkward and peculiar designs found in
Playmobil figures a lot more appealing. Take Pirate Man for example. Don't you think that monkey logo
is just adorable?

Mel and I have recently finished working on another collaborative piece for an upcoming
exhibition happening at the end of this month. More updates on that one soon...

Nino Paulito

Monday, 28 April 2014

Lazy Oaf x Garfield

Lazy Oaf's latest collection features a series of prints featuring popular comic cartoon Garfield. I used to love the show and
comic strip as a kid so was very excited about this range. I went to their launch event last Thursday to preview some of the
items, eat mini lasagne and take a few snaps along the way.

As expected with Lazy Oaf, the collection displayed just the right balance of brashness and kitsch. The design of each
garment was fairly simple and merely served purpose as a canvas for the overbearing cartoon prints. Nino Paulito's
favourites included the big face bodysuit and the cat eared ankle socks

Another highlight was the wonderful neon sets each of the models inhabited on the night. Designed by prop maker
Rosy Nicholas, each set featured paper plants and fluffy furniture which completed the bold Garfield prints well.

The full Lazy Oaf x Garfield collection is available online now.
Also, keep an eye on the Nino Paulito Tumblr page this week for more photos from the night.

Nino Paulito

Monday, 14 April 2014

Akiko Kobayakawa Candles

I recently received some lovely gifts from my friend Akiko Kobayakawa who lives and works in Japan. Akiko is an artist who specializes in painting
gently humorous and surrealistic scenes of animals loosely based on experiences from her own life. In her recent exhibition titled New Life, she has
collaborated with boutique candle maker Nicori to make specially scented candles. The candles are beautifully packaged in miniature porcelain mugs
which have been illustrated with Akiko's signature cat characters.

I had the pleasure of studying with during my time in university. Though she moved back to Japan many years ago, we have remained friends and
often communicate through exchange of letters in the mail. We have discussed the possibility of collaborating together many times and I remain
hopeful it will happen, (as soon as I save up enough pennies to fly myself to Japan)...

For now though, I am quite happy to add these gifts to my already considerable collection of her work. See more of Akiko's paintings  here 

Nino Paulito

Thursday, 3 April 2014

New Nino Paulito Website

The Nino Paulito website has recently had a long overdue fix up. The layout has been simplified making the viewing experience
lot more streamlined and pleasurable. The results can viewed by clicking the link below. Do let us know what you think.

Nino Paulito is reaching out to London based creatives and clients for collaboration and involvement in future arts opportunities.
Please do get in touch if you'd be interested in working with us by sending a message to Nino through the website link or leave a
note in the comments box below.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Papel Elephante

Whilst the ongoing (and admittedly stressful) task of editing my animation short goes on, I've been continuing to experiment with my new found interest in origami. Recently Mel C and I created a mini photo series  titled Papel Elephante, which I've just posted on the Nino Tumblr blog. The series is loosely based on the story Elmer
by David Mckee about a flamboyant patchwork elephant with identity issues.

Nino Paulito

Monday, 17 March 2014

Millie Brown: Puking Rainbows

Artist Millie Brown was recently in the headlines following her puking appearance at Lady Gaga's SWSX concert performance. This occasion has prompted me to revisit some past images which I took working Millie some years ago. I still remember that first encounter which was took place at The Bistroteque, ( a gastropub ironically), and it found equally riveting, amazing and outrageous. To this day it remains one of my favourite ever live performances and is a tale I've retold many times. 

Take time to read this interview with Millie on the  Don't Panic...  website in which she explains her background and influences leading up to her first puking performance. The article also features a Nino credit for the image above.

Nino Paulito

Thursday, 6 March 2014

The Calcutta Cup

The Calcutta Cup is a rugby trophy awarded to the winner of the annual Six Nations match between England and Scotland.
The most recent game was won by England, who beat Scotland 20-0 at Murrayfield on the 8th February. For the past month
it has sat proudly on my office desk so I used the opportunity to take some photos. (Note the queen's brazen photobomb).

Wikipedia tells me the cup was created in 1879, (this is an amazingly produced replica) and is made entirely of
melted down rupees. The handles are moulded into the shape of cobras and the cover is topped with an elephant.

England play Wales in the penultimate game of the tournament on Sunday 9th March. A win would not only help England
claim the Triple Crown, but also put them in a strong position to win the entire Six Nations tournament. I'll be there in the
stands too, maybe even on the field as I have applied to be the England team's official flag bearer for the match. The final
vote is made tomorrow and I'll be sure to let you know if I'm successful, wish me luck...

Nino Paulito

Friday, 28 February 2014

A Gentleman's Game


Dear Sir,

In all this years 6 Nations matches, the respective National Anthems have been lead by male singers/ choirs except for 'ours' this last weekend.
This is a male sport (largely) please can we be led if we have to be led by male voices.                                                                                                                             Y. faithfully      

Nino Paulito

Friday, 31 January 2014

Year of Horse

Today marks the beginning of the Chinese new year celebrations. 2014 is the year of the horse.
I though it'd also be a good time to share some preview images from current Team Nino project,
'A Horses', made in collaboration with Melissa Choong. 

'A Horses' is the working titled for our planned short film which ambitiously fuses together animation,
photography, illustration and origami. I've become obsessed with origami after receiving an origami
desk calendar as a secret Santa gift last year. I also discovered Melissa has a fondness for paper crafts
 too and owns a fantastic collection of pattered and textured papers. Everything you see on screen we
made of paper including the background and 'special effects'. 

The images presented are a series of tests from a shoot we did last week where we experimented
with different lighting, composition and creature movement. I'm quite encouraged by the results
so hope to start making the final film for real within the next few weeks. I'll be sure to keep you
updated with our progress.

Nino Paulito