Wednesday, 12 December 2012

sugar makes people go crazy

Nino Paulito recently featured in a one day arts event titled Bitesize. for this event, we created a new series of sculptures
 loosely based around the classic chattering teeth wind up toy. built using a variety of sweets, chocolate and sugar cookies, 
with lashings of royal icing cementing it all together, the work produced was also completely edible.

on the night of the event, participants were invited after a time to join us for a tea party where they could have a drink and 
devour our sculptural treats. we also also bought along an additional batch of plain cookies and challenged people to 
invent mega cookies of their own.

by the end, everything had been eaten. only a table cloth seeped in alcohol, broken plastic utensils and a face adorned pint glass 
smeared with Nutella left behind for us to collect.

view the full set of cookies here on the Nino Paulito tumblr page

Nino Paulito