Sunday, 21 January 2018

Mermaid Armour

What am I looking at? 
Just before Christmas Nino Paulito once again took part in The Unfinished Things Festival. We decided to continue the story of the Mermaid King and asked members of the audience to help us design a flag to represent him.

Is this the winning design then? 
No. Due to a mixture of end of year fatigue, stress and an unshakable illness, we struggled to work and actually didn't manage to finish on the day. We do have a very cool design though and aim to complete it at some point this year.

So, what am I looking at? 
A hand embroidered monogram which features on the reverse of the costume we created for the Fish King. The design references the Siren puppet which we created in our first Unfinished Things Festival appearance. The padded armour costume was inspired by Medieval gambesons and New York Street Gang Jackets.

Great. Thanks. Bye. 

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