Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Festival of Unfinished Things

What am I looking at?
The Fish King & his Mermaid creation.

Please explain.

Nino Paulito recently performed in the Festival of Unfinished Things, a cabaret-style event created by Will Tribble and Ellie Scanlan. An unfinished thing could be in any format including, music, an art, a film, a recipe, whatever... Each contributor presented their unfinished idea to a live audience who would then provide feedback/ comments which would hopefully help them complete the work.

What did you propose?

We arrived with our unfinished puppet Mermaid and asked the audience to draw some ideas on how to complete her. We then picked out our favourite idea which was Frogmaid with a Beenus and sculpted it live on the day.


There were some other brilliant ideas. Our actual favourite was a shell house that the mermaid could crawl back into. We only had a very limited time to complete the work so went with the simplest idea. We'll probably explore this again in the future though.

Great. Thanks. Bye.