Sunday, 5 November 2017

MCM London Comic Con

What am I looking at? 
Nino Paulito went to Comic Con.

What was there to see? 
Props and costumes from the latest Thor Ragnorak movie, (we saw it last night. It's was alrite), a shit load of toys, a gaming section where you could play the new Mario and obviously loads of comic books. Cosplay outfits are what this event is about though.

Did you cosplay? 
Oh yes. We created ourselves a Skips costume. He is a giant immortal ape from our fav cartoon Regular Show. We also went along with friend who dressed up as a member of the Star Ship Enterprise.

What were the most memorable costumes? 
As expected there was an abundance of Harlequins, a spattering of Pennywise clowns, lazy lab coat n wig Ricks and awkward Weeaboos dressed as obscure anime characters. We ignored all of them. Some memorable outfits for us was toddler Chun Li, a trio of Meeseeks and a  tiny girl dressed as the Jigsaw Killer on a tricycle.

Any photos? 
We forgot our camera so weren't able to take any pics sadly. But there are some snaps of us dicking about around the exhibition floor. You can view these on the Nino Tumblr.

Great. Thanks. Bye.