Saturday, 23 June 2018

Nobrow 10: Studio Dreams

What am I looking at? 
Tor Brandt's studio dream. Seen recently at the the Nobrow 10th aniversary exhibition.

What was the exhibition all about? 
The theme was Studio Dreams. Artist's were asked to explore their ideas about the dream studio space. The results were mostly fantastical and introspective. Lots of scenes of wilderness and sparse landscapes.

What were your favourites? 
Tor Brandt's cut out illustration was nice. It was like a mega sized paper landscape which reminded us a lot of the Lurk project we worked on with Melissa Choong a few years ago. Andre Rae also made something similar by creating scifi inspired instruments which wrapped around the studio interior. His band The Moonheads also played on the night which gave the work an extra energy. The lead singer also wore a fantastic moonheaded headpiece.

Anything else? 
We are going to ELCAF Festival this weekend which is a celebration of east London comic book art and illustration. We're hoping to see lots of inspiring art and maybe purchase a few pins. It's an aim of ours to create a zine of our own so we'll be talking to lots of creators to ask how they got started.

Great. Thanks. Bye. 

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