Monday, 28 May 2012

a curative tonic

a curative tonic

"a sensual and sumptuous feast of the most unprecedented kind. offering up rare delicacies,
 exquisite aromas, and bizarre discoveries. an evening of curious and delightful entertainment
to quicken the circulation and stimulate the liver..."

...and it did. all that absinthe!

think i married a horse, in the nopium den. remember a fat lady with mutton chops electrocuting people too.
 a voodoo priest lead a seance, there were jars of foetuses at the urinal alter, guests sat about the bonfire
 while others toasted champagne sharing a feast in the stable banquet. caged monkeys decorated the walls,
 man in the hatch showed us his collection of classic porn, secret door lead to room in the attic, clowns and
giant crocodiles. Mr T in a tutu. 

i didn't dream this. it was all real. was a pretty fucked up night. meant in the most delightful of ways.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

mr tourette. master pin badge

"got a mister tourette badge, yeah?
off the modern toss website, yeah? fucking looks like it an all..."

if the above dialogue makes no sense, i imagine you've never seen an episode of Modern Toss. the lo-fi animated series
with it's distinct mix of surreal humour and liberal use of the word 'cunt'. it's a show fuelled by rage. all sketches feature
characters tethering on the edge of sanity. it takes very little for one to be provoked and once set off, a violent tirade of
abuse and profanity will be unleashed.

mr tourette the apathetic sign writing frenchman sketch has got to be my favourite Modern Toss character. his uniquely
innovative approach to marketing and design is on a level which i aspire to. he too like nino paulito, also has a fondness for
an animal sidekick. his a talking cat in place of my undead goat. i will wear his pin whenever in need of extra motivation.
it's sure to inspire some bracing mr tourette style self-assertiveness.

be prepared

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

tales from Mikedemia

left a copy of the Kite Runner on a coffee shop table if anyone is interested? found it at the train station while
 gadding about with the Bluebirdcage. if you're into graphic scenes of rape, buggery, the Taliban and kites, then
 this comes highly recommended. not one for us though. all that Sharia stuff makes Nino angsty.

just completed Raymond E Feist's Riftwar trilogy. not so much a tale of sodomy, instead a good time sword and
sorcery epic. receptionist where i work suggested giving them a read, (these are her books). was a lil unsure at
first as fantasy novels are not my usual thing, but once started found them instantly compelling. they read like
 a faster paced Lord of the Rings with added aliens and time travel. stayed engaged throughout. good fun.

will ask other randoms for their book suggestions. wonder what Adriana the mexican cleaner lesbians reading?

Sunday, 6 May 2012


R.R.P. is a brand of death related goods created by graphic designer Jasmine Ami Jones.
we were introduced via mutual friend at the recent Central St Martins foundation exhibition.
i'm usually indifferent to most of what's seen at graduate shows but here was someone who
immediately attracted attention. well, mine anyway... 

we met for a friendly coffee and exchange some time after first meeting and it was 
quite clear from our lil chat Jasmine and i shared some very similar artistic views 
regarding the subject of death and afterlife. though i don't think i said as much at the 
time, too stunned in awe at her remarkable Lims Kragma* like appearance.

you can check out some of Jasmine Jones' work here. it gives a nice brief account
 of what she's done previously. i'm quite certain this is just a glimpse of her ability.
some ideas she described for future work described to me sounded pretty intriguing.
potentially difficult to pull off but could equally be quite thrilling.  

i'll definitely be keeping an eye on this one and whatever progresses next...

'Death Voucher' & Screen Print T Shirt by R.R.P. All photos Nino Paulito
*obsessed with Raymond Feist at the mo. in his fantasy tales Lims Kragma is the godess of death