Thursday, 31 July 2014

London Lifestyle Lounge

London Lifestyle Lounge is an East End boutique run by popular East London face Jarelle Francis, which specializes in selling
classic streetwear. His careful selection of clothing includes items and brands strongly associated with musical subculture
 of the 90's, especially rave and UK Garage, (ie signature overprint Moschino and Versace).

The store is very much a reflection of the owner's signature style; in fact many of the items on rails are from Jarelle's very
own wardrobe. They can be identified by the personalized labels hidden inside which share a knowing quip or words of
 inspiration. The store also has a lounge and drinks fridge at the back so customers are invited to sit back, relax and ask for
 advise before purchasing items. Or talk football. During the FIFA World Cup especially there were a multitude of visitors
 who came in to watch some of the midday games. Neat little touches like this is something I really enjoy about this place
 and what makes it stand out from becoming another 'generic vintage clothing shop on Brick Lane'. Here, I feel a genuine
 sense of welcome and community atmosphere.

Alongside the classic fashions, London Lifestyle Lounge aims to showcase the work of new up and coming designers.
 Surf inspired Hot Thunder was the first of these brands launched back in March, followed by 4 new brands being
 showcased for the festival season. Amongst those brands was accessories designer Tallulah Minxy who Nino Paulito
 recently collaborated with for a look book feature, (more news on that later). Nino was also invited to submit a series
 of images to compliment the items on show and my reworked version of my Lucha Libre portraits can currently be viewed
 inside the store.

London Lifestyle Lounge's mid season sale starts today and they are kicking it of with midsummer launch party.
 All are welcome so get yourself down to 54 Hanbury Street, E1 5JL tonight from 6pm for some free drinks, tunes
 and bargain wicked man garms.

 Nino Paulito

Monday, 14 July 2014

Show Something Else

Show Something Else was an exhibition created by Diana Stainton and Dave Smith back in June.
It was held as part of the 2014 E17 Art Trail and featured an eclectic mix of contemporary artists,
illustrators, photographers, designers, makers and sculptors. All work was displayed inside the cosy
interior of their Walthamstow home.

Nino Paulito was also invited to submit a piece for the show and recruited trusty sidekick
Melissa Choong to create the collaborative piece, Troll.

Troll is a sculpture/ costume/ textile invention subconsciously inspired by the (then) imminent arrival of new
Godzilla movie, but is also a celebration of for B Movies and Power Rangers. Hidden in the details are references
to Super Heroes including Spiderman, Lone Ranger and Wonder Woman. It also contains scraps of African fabric
which was used for my dear friend Nathatlie Bikoro's bridesmaid dresses 2 years ago, (HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!).

Melissa created a Mini Troll doll using the remaining bits of tweed and children's clothes. It also has a weighted
bottom which allows it to sit upright unassisted.

There were 15 artists displaying work in total and some of Nino's featured favourites included Pygmy Cloud's
paper sculpted bear treehouse, Hatch's pointillist hatchworks and the playfully formalist inspired photographs

Overall, the Show Something else exhibition was a great success which received positive attendance, coverage,
and attention. Tean Nino enjoyed participating and would love to be involved again next year. We have big plans
for this project and hope to expand it in the future to create a full scale installation and interactive show.
Watch this space...

Nino Paulito

Monday, 7 July 2014

Girl Hair

This week I begin work on a new Nino Paulito project currently titled 'Girl Hair'.

For this fashion inspired project I will be creating a series of photographic portraits of girls with vibrantly coloured and styled hair. All involved are strangers I've met online or interested individuals who have responded to this advert. Part of the fun for me will be meeting up with people I've never met and know nothing about to create a completely improvised series of photos within a limited time frame. I did a previous project some years ago which had a similar premise and created some stunning results. I hope to build on that success this time and will be sure to keep you up to date with my progress.

Nino Paulito