Sunday, 23 April 2017

Jurassic Kingdom

What the fuck am I looking at? 
The miracle of birth my friend.

What the fuck am I looking at? 
We went to Jurassic Kingdom last week. It was a exhibition of over 30 animatronic dinosaurs installed across Osterley Park. The experience was like visiting real life Jurassic Park, with extremely disappointing SFX. Was fun watching kids shit themselves though.

What the fuck am I looking at? 
Well, I see you are quite clearly impressed. Check out the Nino Tumblr page where you can witness even more improbable delights such as the feasting Raptor and rideable mini T Rex.

What the fuck am I looking at? 
The London show has ended but travels to Birmingham on the 20th May. We recommend checking it out for yourself.

Also! Did you hear the news? Some people have just uncovered real life dinosaur eggs in China.

Great. Thanks. Goodbye. 

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Clown & Out

What am I looking at? 
Clown & Out. The final hole on Junk Yard Golf's clown course.

What is Junkyard Golf? 
It's an ostentatious mini golf course set within an old brewery. It has 4 themed mini golf courses each with impressively designed sets. Our favourite hole was the one where you had to fire the ball from a cannon and avoid hitting the target girl strapped on the opposite side. The venue also has a bar and plays funky music.

Sounds wank. How did you do? 
Well, when we took this photo we were 5 shots ahead of everyone so all we had to do was meet par to win the game. Sadly, we properly fucked up ended up finishing last.

We did have a second round on the Hollywood themed course. We were doing well again, scoring 2 hole in ones before we were forced to abruptly end our game because of a domestic matter.

Full of excuses today aren't you? 

So why is this being posted now and not last Sunday? 

Great. Thanks. Bye. 

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Pig Walking

What am I looking at? 
So... the other week we took a trip to Brighton. By the beach we spotted a man walking his pet pig.

And then? 
Thats it. There was a man by the beach walking a pig. A pig.

Great. Thanks. Goodbye. 

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Adventures In Moomin Land*

What am I looking at? 
A poster.

You clever. What is it a poster for? 
Moomin’s Land.

What is Moomin’s Land? 
An exhibition at the Southbank about the Moomins.

What is a Moomin? 
Little white things with big noses. They go on adventures on islands in Moomin Land.

Who made the Moomins? 
A woman from Finland. She created them during WW2. She made them about her feelings during that time.

Do you like the Moomins? 
Yes. the stories are interesting and have real meanings. The Moomins are really loving characters.

Deep. Did you enjoy the exhibition? 
The decorations were really cool. I liked the jungle bit best because it was really detailed with trees and vines. You had to crawl and swerve between them to get through. That was fun. I also liked the Moomin house bit. There was a bedroom where you could peek through the door and hear them sleep. 

Ok. Anything else? 
The guide through the exhibition was also very nice. She made me carry the lantern and open all the secret doors.

Great. Thanks. Bye.