Tuesday, 24 April 2012

brokened things

ceramic three legged cat/ fox creature thing
unearthed at a recent flea market scramble

despite appearances it's actually quite tiny
measuring roughly 3cm x 5cm

a more than welcome addition to the
nino paulito collection of broken things

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

chelsea wolfe @ the old blue last

snaps from the recent Chelsea Wolfe show. her first headlining in the uk. a
seductively pensive set included favourites Mer, Demons and Moses with a
booming version of Pale On Pale providing the encore. was brief but good
and i liked it. Chelsea Wolfe. stunner.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

brighton hajj 2012

went to brighton. it's my thing to do about this time every year. a pilgrimage of sorts.
usually involves a long walk followed by a sleep on the beach, eating barely dead sea
creatures, some junk shopping, tea flask, cake and a lil dip in the sea.

can't swim though. not even float. water rising above the knees triggers panic.
twice i've nearly drowned. first time was in a cave, second time thought i could surf. no.
fell out a bath once too. was nasty. head split open, blood gushing everywhere, tears etc.
 so, quite clearly not water borne. but without fuss or thought will dive right in anyway...

til 2013

Monday, 2 April 2012

ride trike horse

spend an age laboriously trawling through endless boxes on boxes of uninspiring tat only for
some smug mug to approach and steal unseen gem from under nose.

after much deliberation she decided it wasn't really to her liking. luckily i stayed. skulking like
an eager killer whale, pouncing when the loose photo was dropped back in to the box.
all mine.

ps, how great is this bike by the way?