Sunday, 20 October 2013

Afro Supa Hero

Afro Supa Hero is an exhibition of action figures, comic books, posters and other pop culture memorabilia featuring black characters from the 60's, 70's and 80's. This modest collection of artefacts currently being displayed at The Museum of Childhood belong to Jon Daniel who collected the majority them during his childhood trips to America.

The collection features famous personalities and familiar characters from popular series including figurines from  Star Trek, the Marvel Universe and the Rocky Balboa movies. As well as some other more curious and quirky choices such as Shaft knockoff Slade Super Agent, Lee Scratch Perry, Nat Turner and a Michel Basquiat doll(?). 

My favourite pieces of the display include DC comics Muhammad Ali vs Superman edition, the Mr T doll with customisable accessories and Lobo the black cowboy vigilante comic. Interestingly, Lobo was discontinued after only two issues due to the reluctance of shop keepers to display a comic with a black character as the cover star.

Overall, I quite enjoyed the Afro Super Hero collection and found the content quite enlightening. Through the autobiographic notations, it provides an alternative angle on popular culture of the era and also shows a brief moment in time when Blaxploitation and African American Pride  had great presence in mainstream media.

The Afro Supa Hero exhibition is showing at the V&A's Museum of Childhood as part of 2013's Black History Month.
More images from the show can be seen on the Nino Tumblr page.

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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Poppy Cat

Good News! Nino Paulito cohort Melissa Choong has recently started work on the new series of popular children's
tv show Poppy Cat.

Poppy Cat is a cheerful female six year-old orange ginger tabby cat who wears a colorful checkered neckerchief and
goes on adventures with her friends Zuzu the dog, Alma the rabbit, Mo the mouse and Owl. Their seemingly everyday
exploration often leads to unexpected experiences and exciting discoveries.

Melissa previously worked on the original series of Poppy Cat as a background painter and returns to King Rollo Films animation studio in Exeter this week where she will be based for the next few months. Team Nino wishes Mel all the
best during her stay and we can't wait to see the new finished series which is due to air in the Spring 2014.

Nino Paulito