Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Unfathomable Ruination

Unfathomable Ruination are an 'Unrelenting Brutal Death Metal Band' from London.
To promote their latest release, Idosyncratic Chaos, they staged a series of mini gigs
outside of the Gherkin Tower contained within a sealed 6x6 foot steel box. The premise:
to play until all their oxygen runs out.

Nino Paulito was there to witness this promising mixture of daring feat and Performance Art.

Once sealed inside the conspicuous cube, the band continued to roar and pummel away
with frenetic enthusiasm. Their cacophonous clamour could no longer be heard but muffled
screams and the thundering reverberations of their ongoing exercise could be felt by pressing
a hand or ear against the cold metallic surface of the box.

After 20 or so minutes of relative calm, the casket door burst open and the crowd were
reacquainted with the vocalists belching grunts. The band are visibly flustered by their
temporary isolation but this hasn't dampened any of the intensity from the performance.
There's a triumphant bark at the end of the current song which signals the end of the show.

Clap. The end.

Overall, I enjoyed the spectacle this project created. I liked the choice of location which
was a funny contrast to the unhinged nature of the music. The experience of exploring the
performance in this invitingly tactile and sensory way was also a very interesting way of
encouraging interaction. This was my favourite part and I thought the most inventive.

I wasn't impressed so much by the band though who I thought were a bit underwhelming and
generic. Better performers with a more distinct style could have elevated this work to another
level. I could imagine a group like SUNN O)))) really amplifying the tension as their haunting
and deeply cavernous sound has the genuine ability to create a truly affecting atmosphere.

Most people weren't bothered though so I guess Unfathomable Ruination did alright.

Nino Paulito