Sunday, 26 March 2017


What am I looking at? 
A Pornstar Martini.

Why is it on fire? 
This Pornstar was from the Bohemia Grand Cafe in Brighton which we visited over the weekend. All cocktails from their showstopper menu come served with a sideshow of drama.

Alright. What else is good? 
If you like it theatrical, the Espresso Martini comes served in a smoking cafetiere. The Champagne Supernova looks and tastes like liquid pearls. Our personal favourite though was the Penicillin. Lemon, ginger, burnt peel and a generous lashing of scotch. Heaven.

Great. Thanks. Bye. 

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Friday 17th MArch

What am I... 
It doesn't matter what you're looking at. It's Friday and we're drunk.

We've made drunk posts before. This time is special though because we've been up all night listening to Reggae.

Ok. What exactly have you been listening to? 
Barry Biggs, Carroll Thompson, Boris Gardiner...

That Boris Gardiner song has more of a Soul/ RNB vibe but you get the point. Emotions.

We just just watched Moonlight for the second or third time. The soundtrack is amazing. Every Nigger Is A Star is in the introduction. It's probably what lead us into this theme of conversation. We'd rate the movie a 6.5 -7 out of 10. The first third is great but after that it gets a bit to vague in parts. There are some scenes which are incredibly heart breaking though. Especially the end reunion at the cafe. Maaan, we could've cried.

Ok. Anything else? 
Today is Sunday. We are hungover. We've just gobbled a dirty fry up. Later we'll go to the cinema to watch Get Out.

Great. Thanks. Bye. 

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Charlotte Day Wilson

What Am I Looking At? 
Charlotte Day Wilson.

Who Is She? 
A singer from Toronto. We saw her
live this week.

She any good? 
She was amazing. The Waiting Room
was the perfect venue to watch her. It's
a really intimate space so you can get
right up close and appreciate the
delicate smokey tones of her vocals.

Anything else? 
In Your Eyes is of our favourite songs
by Charlotte Day Wilson. She played a
stripped down acoustic version on the
day which we loved. This song actually
features on the recent
BADBADNOTGOOD album, a band we
also love and will also see perform live
later this year too.

Great. Thanks. Bye. 

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Blanca Li: Robot

What am I looking at? 
A dancing robot.

Carry on... 
We went to the Barbican to watch the latest production by the Blanca Li Dance Company.
Their current show is called Robot and combines modern dance, mime and performance art with robots.

Sounds a bit wank to me. 
The show was pleasantly accessible, infused with playful energy and the stage design was amazingly shoddy, (meant in the best possible way). The dancers too. So supple, so toned...

I see. You just spent the whole time perving then? 
No, no.

Don't believe you. 
Anyway, the show became especially exciting after the cute lil NAO robots were introduced. It was quite adorable the way they'd join the choreographed dance and self right themselves if they fell down during the performance.

Sure. Anything else? 
The music. It was played by an autonomous band of frankenstein machines made of random bits like fan blades and hoover engines. Their percussive style reminded us a lot of RAMZi. We loved it.

Great. Thanks. Bye.