Thursday, 20 March 2014

Papel Elephante

Whilst the ongoing (and admittedly stressful) task of editing my animation short goes on, I've been continuing to experiment with my new found interest in origami. Recently Mel C and I created a mini photo series  titled Papel Elephante, which I've just posted on the Nino Tumblr blog. The series is loosely based on the story Elmer
by David Mckee about a flamboyant patchwork elephant with identity issues.

Nino Paulito

Monday, 17 March 2014

Millie Brown: Puking Rainbows

Artist Millie Brown was recently in the headlines following her puking appearance at Lady Gaga's SWSX concert performance. This occasion has prompted me to revisit some past images which I took working Millie some years ago. I still remember that first encounter which was took place at The Bistroteque, ( a gastropub ironically), and it found equally riveting, amazing and outrageous. To this day it remains one of my favourite ever live performances and is a tale I've retold many times. 

Take time to read this interview with Millie on the  Don't Panic...  website in which she explains her background and influences leading up to her first puking performance. The article also features a Nino credit for the image above.

Nino Paulito

Thursday, 6 March 2014

The Calcutta Cup

The Calcutta Cup is a rugby trophy awarded to the winner of the annual Six Nations match between England and Scotland.
The most recent game was won by England, who beat Scotland 20-0 at Murrayfield on the 8th February. For the past month
it has sat proudly on my office desk so I used the opportunity to take some photos. (Note the queen's brazen photobomb).

Wikipedia tells me the cup was created in 1879, (this is an amazingly produced replica) and is made entirely of
melted down rupees. The handles are moulded into the shape of cobras and the cover is topped with an elephant.

England play Wales in the penultimate game of the tournament on Sunday 9th March. A win would not only help England
claim the Triple Crown, but also put them in a strong position to win the entire Six Nations tournament. I'll be there in the
stands too, maybe even on the field as I have applied to be the England team's official flag bearer for the match. The final
vote is made tomorrow and I'll be sure to let you know if I'm successful, wish me luck...

Nino Paulito