Thursday, 14 July 2011

dead rebecca's

I recently completed a great shoot at an amazing flat in Spitalfields and wanted to share with you some photos of the property. The flat belonged to a dear old lady named Rebecca who at the age of 90 sadly passed away. As a memento to her, the new owners decided to leave the flat as it was keeping all the original furniture and interior.

Rebecca clearly had a unique sense of style. Her flat is a kaleiedoscope of colour, pattern and texture with some very quirky touches. I loved the built in bar situated in the corner of the living room which also had three matching bar stools. The spaced out wallpaper and clashing psychedelic carpets running throughout the house were almost vomit inducing, (this meant as a complement, vomit = exciting in my book). My favourite feature above all though was the wardrobe with a secret  'Narnia style' door hidden in the back. Even more fantastic is this door contained a secret passage which leads on to another hidden room...

Rebecca, R.I.P 

(click image to enlarge)
(photos: nino paulito)