Thursday, 29 March 2012

carla waalaa: nino archives

photo of cousin carla taken almost ten years ago. wow. seems the roots of  current interests may
 go back a lil further than i originally thought. noticing similar qualities in this photo with the stuff i
now furiously hunt and collect.

remember there being more from this series, including other images of carla and younger sister
isobelle. they're all shot on kodak using my ol trusty pentax which i haven't seen in a long while.
i printed these too, (note the crud textured surface), quite impressed now considering how much 
i hated the whole colour printing process at the time.

there are some 1000 negatives and prints of mine buried somewhere. would be nice to dig
them out someday to reminisce and see how else things have developed over years. 

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

we've created monster

Monster Build photobooth

assemble your monster choosing from a selection of cardboard masks, claws,
arms, feet, weapons and armour. step in to the land of pink mountains. battle!

part of the Unorthobox event hosted by the Brickbox

also featured performance by Maria Almena, Hand Shadow Fables, dance duo
LIVEFEET, sculptural lanterns by Emily Tracy and Agora radio via silent disco.
Monster Build was favourite though. on par with Big Man Japan levels of awesome.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

what's with the baby?

a good thing about being a collector of odd shit is you'll discover there are more than
many people willing to help you along the way. it's usually the most unsuspected individual
thinking of you and often they will possess the most wonderful and peculiar of finds.

i was walking through market as i do pretty much every day when suddenly woman pulls
me aside with, 'something interesting i'd like a lot..'. i'm normally sceptical of such offers but
i know this woman. kind of. she has a travelling market stall specialising in old bits of junk,
the kind i like. she recognises me as 'the man with the hat who likes girl toys and shiny buttons'.

her something interesting was a charmingly fucked up shop doll. probably from 50's or 60's.
it had been in a fire but survived because it's metal, except the hands which were plastic. one
had melted to stump, the other a mangled claw. a cracked head, someone dropped the baby.
the thing was all types of ugly but i loved it. she knew it too.

now, strange part. this was market woman's day off. i know because flea market is thursday,
today was tuesday. why was she here hanging about with a sack of mannequin? also, why did it
happen to be the only item in tow? considering her eagerness in spotting/ stopping me, then the
keen revealing of goods, i have a creepy suspicion woman had an eye out for me.

whatever the explanation, beastly baby is now mine.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

fluorescent gloom :(

campus caretaker is my real life occupation. the man with the rattling bunch of keys is me.
the site i'm based was former victorian mental institution. basement was used as a morgue.
i spend six of seven days here, dawn til dusk. alone. rarely do i experience the hours between.

i find difficulty adjusting to seasonal change. in reverse of winter blues, i feel summer anxiety.
being so familiar with living in twilight, the thought of an extended daytime is quite daunting.
light therapy is suggested to those suffering s.a.d so i figure gloom the same for overexposure.

i made this mixtape

ps. Chelsea Wolfe plays at The Old Blue Last on april 9th.
Apokalypsis was favourite album of last year so quite looking
forward to hearing her songs of dread live