Monday, 15 August 2011

glory box

places we've seen, places we've been
items thieved, items raided from bins
things made from scratch, things saved from scrap
alive, dead, stuff etc...

Saturday, 6 August 2011

comet sands: a preview (and filler)

I mentioned a while ago about a photoshoot I did with the band Comet Sands. I've still not come round to editing the photos yet due to a punishing work schedule, unexpected happenings (my series of mime performances last month), and a list of other work i'm still currently getting through.

I did kindly pass on some photos to the band's drummer Rich though, who has picked out a couple to post onto their Facebook and Myspace pages. I've also made a lil video clip which you can view above. My final edit of the photos will hopefully be done by the end of this month and I can't wait to share the results with you.
Meanwhile, take a look and listen to Comet Sands' Sonic Youth inspired sounds on Soundcloud. They'll be playing a few gigs about town this month too.

Nino Paulito

*see finished photos here

Friday, 5 August 2011

a vintage weekend

The Vintage Festival took place last weekend by a spectacularly sunny Southbank. The festival is a celebration of vintage fashion and was particularly focused on the decades from the 1940's to 80's. It was quite a spectacle with many visitors getting into the spirit by wearing clothing associated with their favourite era. The buxom pin up girls with their heavy tattoos, coloured hair, hot pants and suspenders were definitely an appealing sight...

Also as part of the weekend, a series of pop up stalls were set up in the Vintage Village, (or car park), selling a range of vintage/ vintage flavoured clothing and items. We enjoyed rummaging through rails and baskets looking for curious shiny, jingly-jangly things to add to our vast accessories collection. Below are some photos of the bits we bought along with extra freebies picked up along the way.

Nino Paulito

* My buddy Blue Birdcage alerted me the other day about Nino Paulito being unwittingly snapped at the festival and subsequently ending up on the Wall Of Inspiration at her office. Nice!
** A big Happy Birthday to Auntie Neez, Blue Birdcage again and lil sis, (not named Rebecca), who turns 5 today. I hope you've all had amazing celebrations this week.