Thursday, 26 July 2012

is he dead?

only i could discover my work featured in a poster exhibition but only find out now, some four years later...

Is He Dead? was the name of the project. it's a series of photographs/ performance i did in collaboration with
pal Jack. as the attached blurb i have no recollection of writing says,

"The protagonist is pictured lifeless and inert in various urban terrain. Whilst walking around town,
 he would suddenly collapse and lie motionless in the street. A few surprised members of the public
would check to see he was ok, but the majority after giving a quick glance would carry on walking 
... (the photos) are equally curious and visually striking with the ability to capture the attention of
 the passing public"

i had two prints in the show, the one above and this one here. they were apparently transformed into large
 prints and posted around Oxford Town Centre. the project sounds pretty cool. i only wish i could have
 been there/ known about it to enjoy at the time.

Nino Paulito

Monday, 16 July 2012

penny purse

like my new penny purse? these here are designed by american accessories brand Blue Q, (
their quirky wares are created using recycled packaging. being fellow ragmen ourselves, Nino naturally approves.

see the full coin purse range here. includes our other favourite, the Weed Money purse.

Nino Paulito

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

hard at work. a nino paulito update

a brief update of things done, things in progress and things to come...

last month Nino Paulito met HRH Prince Charles! a very surreal moment indeed. we talked coffee and i was introduced to his armed body guards. he is actually a very nice man, though i was a lil weirded out by his tiny sausage like fingers. see photos by Wayne Godwin Reid here.

art collective RART have a featured article in Glass Magazine. the photo slideshow also includes a Nino Paulito photograph of performance artist Millie Brown 'Puking Rainbows'.

speaking of performance, Nino Paulito will be featuring in two upcoming events. first up a performance/ live art presentation the Ori Festival which runs alongside Brixton Splash in early august. then in late september we'll be performing again, this time at the Dogstar. more info closer to the dates.

Nino Paulito is currently in the stage of producing a grand installation project with the working title 'School Project'. we'll be utilising our vast collection of found photos by having them projected on the walls and interiors of an iconic location. quite excited about this one, so the planning stages have been extremely thorough. installation and shooting will hopefully start within the next few weeks. is coming! we've finally inlisted the help of a extremely talented web designer to create a shit hot Nino Paulito website. over the last few years we've devloped quite an impressive portfolio including work with a number of rising stars in art and music. it's about time we start promoting ourselves too. a showcase website could really help land more comissioned work, invites to exhibitions as well as the opportunity to collaborate on large scale projects.

and lastly...
Nino Paulito has actually just returned from Germany where we celebrated the wedding of amazing and wonderful friends Nathalie and Damian. was quite a cosmopolitan affair with no less than 7 different languages being spoken between guests. we met many beautiful inspiring people not least the bride and groom's charming parents who welcomed and embraced us despite the language barrier.
all our love and best wishes go to out to you.

Nino Paulito

Sunday, 1 July 2012

untitled (dune buggy)

one day these seemingly random photo posts will all make sense. 
i've a grand installation currently under construction which'll tie all into a cohesive series.
going to take a while however. will try to keep regular updates on it's development. stay tuned...