Monday, 5 October 2015

Bye Bye Blogger...

I'm currently in the process of streamlining my social networks. I've already culled
Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Now I'm going to add Blogger to this list.

Over the last few months I've used Tumblr a lot more mainly because I find its very
simple user interface and features are a lot more convenient for the way I like to
post blogs and share content. Blogger has been great but searching through archives
to find older work is an annoying process. I also have issue with the way uploaded
files are compressed and often find image quality and colours are severely distorted
as a result.

So it's over...

As well as Tumblr you can continue to follow Nino Paulito work and projects online at
Giphy where I've just been added to the artists directory. There is also a Nino Vimeo
account which will be updated with my more experimental moving image stuff. And
finally there's a Nino Soundcloud account which is mainly used for sharing tunes I like
but I might start adding a few of my own noise jingles in the future. Links for all are
listed below.