Wednesday, 27 June 2012

clowns & dalmations

new addition to the nino paulito collection of Brokened Things, a set of vinyl dalmations.
measuring only millimetres across, this was a good opportunity to test out my borrowed macro lens.

quite a bunch of characters, aren't they?

Monday, 18 June 2012


Sunn o))) @ Koko. the only gig i've been to which has left me physically sick. 
was an overwhelmingly intense performance. it's impact physically felt as well as heard.

the Sunn o))) setup only includes 2 guitars and a moog but they're backed up by a mountainous wall of bass amps. there were
at least 20, probably more, it was difficult to count through the thick swirling haze. the sound they produce though is seriously
 immense. shockwaves pulsate through the air and floors, reverberating their way right into your guts. it's an extremely visceral

at about 40 mins in, there was a sudden 'crack!'. the sound of an amp exploding which emits a deep resonanting wave.
everyone in close vicinity noticeably feels it, including myself. it's actually too much to bear and i swiftly leave the room fearing
i'd vomit or pass out. after regaining some composure, i returned inside to enjoy the rest of the show. the following hour or so
 was a non stop barrage of thunderous doom and drone. i hypnotically drifted into a state of melancholic lull. intense.

 this was an amazingly fascinating experience. possibly the most visually exciting gig i've ever seen also but honestly not one
i'd like to experience again. it was heavy stuff which left me completely exhausted by the end. an overwhelming sense of
dread stubbornly lingered as i travelled home and i fought hard to contain a peculiar urge to cry.

desparately in need of cheering up now. craving a cuddle and some slightly more upbeat n 'wholesome' entertainment.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

nino paulito @ clerkenwell design week 2012

Clerkenwell Design Week is an annual showcase hosted by the creative design community of Islington.
 studios open their doors for three days allowing visitors the chance to meet designers and discuss their
 work. a series of exhibition stalls, workshops and other design related special events also featured in
multiple sites across the area. this year included The Order of St John and the iconic Farmiloe Building.

miniature chairs and textiles are the things i usually like and look for. there were plenty of interesting
ones on show here, my favourites chairs being the diamond top stool and one in the shape of a tooth.
the plush cushions and playful geometric textile prints by Imogen Heath were another highlight.

additional images in nino paulito's Glory Box. includes more chairs, light shades and a bear in a bath.