Saturday, 31 January 2015

Ola! Amigo!

I recently received a new years post card from friends Ola & Seamus who last August decided to quit life and go traveling
around the world. Ola has been documenting their journey and experiences on her blog The Unsung World which is filled
with great stories and with gorgeous photos.

My favourite tales so far has been the one about the spooky sounding Island of Dolls and a New Year tale of fireworks on
the beach and compromising Mexican police.

Their journey is still ongoing and they will be next heading towards Asia and Australia later. Keep up with their story here.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

No Trolling

You may have noticed my new page banner.
If not, take some time to notice my new page banner.
It was illustrated by Melissa Choong.
This person.

Mel's been creating some cool work lately.
All inspired by the Troll piece we created back in June.
Below is one of my favourites from this series so far.

You can see more on her blog...
Look at these images.
Thank you.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Blue Space Donkey/ Light Night Canning Town

I found a blue space hopper donkey on the street.
My little sister who was with me said it looked a bit like a Moomin 
so we named it Blu'min, them went off to the Light Night party in Canning Town.

Blu'min looks a bit like a fat Scotty dog.
I think his, (I've decided its a he), previous owner sprayed on those red butterflies.
I've also just realized Blu'min's stubby tail unnervingly resembles a butt plug.

The Canning Town Party organized by my friends at The Brickbox was excellent, (see evidence here).
My favourite part was when the Cyber Punk band Drum Machine band came on. They were mesmerizing.
We danced nonstop into the following morning.
During the night bus journey home I puked into my sister's hat.

Her hat was a cute pink felt cap with moulded kitty ears.
Looked a bit like Finn's from Adventure Time. My sister loves that show.
Maybe one day I'll document the insane amount of Adventure Time merchandise she owns.

Feeling guilty and ashamed for s(p)oiling her hat, I made an attempt to clean it the following day.
Sadly, not even dog shampoo was powerful enough to rid the acidic stench soaked within the crown.
Thought it'd just be best to throw it away and buy a new one.

Despite this embarrassing end, my sis tell me last night was the most crazy and enjoyable fun she's had in ages.
Possibly the best day she's had all week.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Year Hangover

Happy New Year...

Here's a bunch of half arsed posts
I didn't quite come round to finishing
in 2014.

Back in February,
my grandmother celebrated her birthday in Nottingham.
We spent the weekend living in luxury tree houses in Sherwood Forest,
aka Robin Hood land.

I found this book in a pub.
It's about the brain and investigates
how an individual's beliefs are formed.
It's really good and I massively recommend
you read it too.

ps. Morgellons Disease is some weird shit.

I celebrated my birthday in April last year.

In 2013 I celebrated it in January.
This year I'm considering September,
(it'd be nice to have some sunshine).
The photos above are all the amazing
age appropriate gifts my friends bought me.

I photographed a look book for
accessories designer Tallulah Minxy.
I was not very inspired.
It'll probably be the last thing I ever do involving fashion.