Tuesday, 25 July 2017


Nino Paulito is currently in recovery mode.

We had a pretty hardcore weekend, (we will tell you about it next time), which has left our brains, body and hearts in a mush.

In the meantime sit back and enjoy this mesmerizing video clip from the 80's. You can join in too if you're feeling energetic.

Thanks. Bye

Monday, 17 July 2017

Dead Letter Drop

What am I looking at?

Some cryptic prose from The Postmaster.

Read here, here and her for some back story.

Oh, that's nice. So what is is this all about then?
You tell we. Seems quite emotional though,
judging by the few words we can make out.
Also enclosed in our package was a postcard
with quite an inspirational message. We might
stick that on our fridge.

Hmmm. So any ideas for a response?
Yes but we are not telling.

Great. Thanks. Bye. 

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Gorillaz Present: Demon Dayz @ Margate Dreamland

What am I looking at? 
Margate Dreamland. We went there a few weeks ago for the Gorillaz come back show.

Was it any good? 
It was a great day. We rode on every ride except the Roller Coaster, (two hour queue, no thanks). The musical acts were pretty good too. For us Danny Brown stole the show. Kali Uchis was G O R G E O U S. Gorillaz were alright too. Their recent material is pretty 'meh' but performed live sounded alright. They did play some older stuff including Nino Paulito favourites Tomorrow Comes Today and Dirty Harry. Each performance was accompanied by some fantastic visuals which made an amazing spectacle. Overall 9 /10

When did you start giving scores? 
We don't.

Great. Thanks. Bye.