Monday, 19 November 2012

the effort collective presents: bitesize

Nino Paulito in collaboration with baking wizard Melissa Choong will be creating a new 
series of work for the Effort Collective's Bitesize event on 22 November @ 93 Feet East. 

Join us and a host others for an evening of arts with a bite. A delight in all things tiny, toothy 
and tenuously connected. 

Friday, 9 November 2012

100 beards, 100 days

100 Beards, 100 Days is a project conceived by noted fashion photographer Jonathan Pryce. over the space of three
months, he travelled about town taking brilliant street style portraits of bearded gentlemen. the series shows examples
of all types of facial hair, from neatly tailored to the wildly eccentric. my hairy face has also been included too, right
amongst the collection at no52.

the finished results can be seen on the 100 Beards... tumblr page. i've just received copy of the accompanying book,
 which collates the entire project and also contains a few additional images which didn't quite make it online.

also, for those of you planning to nurture some facial hair of your own or just embarking on a Movember pledge, 
above are some products Nino Paulito uses and recommends for good man fur maintenace.

Nino Paulito