Tuesday, 31 May 2011

bitch, where's my muffin!?

I recently teamed up with my pal Kayla aka Bluebirdcage who was the unofficial inhouse baker at our former office and is also the creator of this heart stopping ultimate muffin. I previously noted Kayla's untapped genius when she designed my lil sister's birthday cake last year, so approached her this time with the challenge of creating a batch of cookies for Nino Paulito.

Other than my selection of sweets, I pretty much left Kay with the free reign to design as she liked. I'm more than pleased with the results, they definitely contain the 'Nino spirit'. There are twelve cookies in total, each individually crafted and completely edible, (minus the shack's plastic roof). Below are photos of my favourites. Click here to view the full collection and recipe on the Bluebirdcage blog.

Nino Paulito

photos/ nino paulito

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