Sunday, 31 October 2010

if you asked me out, i'd cry then kill myself

Pretty fitting that the first Nino Paulito post coincides with Halloween. Having a morbid fascination with everything morbid, everyday is pretty much a Halloween experience.

Fireworks night next week is the one I'm truly looking forward to. Gratuitous arson always get me excited. The game this year is to buy loads of rockets, tie them all together and explode shit up. I also plan to kidnap a kid from the nursery down the road to burn on the bonfire. It's going to be great!

Not to let today's event go to waste, I'm staying in to celebrate Halloween in my own special way. Days like these always inspire my more romantic side so I decided to write a story. 'if you asked me out, i'd cry then kill myself' is the tale of an unrequited love.

Rattle my bones,
Nino Paulito